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Saúl con Acento

"Saúl con Acento" celebrates the fusion of cultures, personal evolution, and motivation. The accent in "Saúl" carries a rich tapestry of cultural narratives. The show seeks to bridge languages and traditions, resonating with bilingual listeners. Drawing inspiration from late-night broadcasts, each episode will feature guests from diverse origins making a difference in their own field of work or contribution to the community.


EP. 01 - Memes y Mas con Diego Anguinago

"Digital Laughter, Real Impact: Diego Anguinago's Journey with El Monte Memes"

In this episode, delve into the fascinating story of Diego Anguinago, the creative mind behind the popular El Monte Memes. Discover how his journey began with a simple desire to spread humor and joy online and how it blossomed into a phenomenon reaching thousands in the San Gabriel Valley. The episode will explore the evolution of his meme page, highlighting the laughter it brings and its unexpected role as a catalyst for community support and connection. Learn about the partnerships Diego has formed through his platform and his impactful initiatives to aid struggling families via fundraising efforts. This story is a testament to the power of digital platforms in creating real-world positive change and fostering community spirit.


EP.02 -Dibujando con GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez

"From Compton to Global Fashion: Johana Hernandez's Inspirational Journey"Journey with Johana Hernandez, the brain behind GLAUDI, from her roots in Compton to making a mark in global fashion weeks. Uncover her inspiring story of determination and creativity, and how she brings unique perspectives to the world of high fashion.


EP.03 -Cocinando con Chef Jesús Valenciano

"Mastering the Art of Keto: Chef Jesús Valenciano's Culinary Secrets"

Join Chef Jesús Valenciano as he shares invaluable meal-prepping tips and advice for those struggling with the Keto diet. Gain insights into the challenges of this dietary choice and learn practical, flavorful solutions to make Keto both enjoyable and effective.


EP.04 -Musica con Freddy Vasquez

"Fusion of Cultures: Freddy Vasquez's Journey in Bilingual Music Production"

Dive into the world of Freddy Vasquez, as he blends languages and cultures in his music. Discover how he is pioneering a unique style by mixing country music with techno, creating a new, innovative sound in the bilingual music scene.


EP.05 -Haciendo camisas con Andy Fernández

"Designing Trends: Andy Fernández on Shirt Fashion and Creative Growth"

Explore the world of T-shirt design with Andy Fernández, focusing on the latest trends in sports clubs and business shirts. Learn about the significance of travel in nurturing creativity at a young age and gather practical advice for all aspiring creatives in the shirt making  industry.


EP.06 -Sicología con Kim Orozco

"Understanding Relationships: Kim Orozco's Insights on Young Love and Mental Health"

Join Kim Orozco, a seasoned psychologist, as she offers expert advice on marriage and partner relationships, specifically targeted at young teens. The episode will also delve into broader mental health discussions, providing valuable guidance for the younger generation.


EP.07 -Produciendo con Johnny Murillo

"The Emergence of Chicano Hollywood: Johnny Murillo's Vision for Latino Marketers"

Discover the rise of the Chicano Hollywood platform with Johnny Murillo. Explore his perspective on the future of Latino marketers in the entertainment industry and how this demographic is increasingly influencing the global entertainment landscape.


EP.08 - Hablando con Luisa Rodriguez

"Broadcasting Dreams: Luisa Rodriguez's Path and Advice for Aspiring Reporters"

Get an inside look at the broadcasting world with Luis Rodriguez, a reporter for La Vale Show on LA's 93.9 Radio Station. Listen to her share her journey and offer practical advice for young individuals aspiring to make a mark in the world of reporting.


EP. 09 - Cafecito con Chuey Martínez

"Overcoming the Bilingual Barrier: Chuey Martínez's Journey as a Radio Personality"

Explore the unique challenges and successes of Chuey Martínez, a well-known radio personality, as he navigates the industry being bilingual. Delve into his personal experiences, highlighting how mastering two languages has shaped his career and allowed him to connect with a diverse audience.


EP. 10 - Musica con Los Red Pears

"From El Monte to the National Stage: Los Red Pears' Musical Odyssey"

In this inspiring episode, join the journey of Los Red Pears, a popular band that has its roots deeply planted in El Monte, California, and has risen to national fame. Delve into their humble beginnings in the San Gabriel Valley and their ascent to performing at prestigious venues, including the iconic Coachella festival. The episode will offer an in-depth exploration of their latest album, showcasing their musical evolution and the stories behind their songs. Additionally, the band members will share invaluable advice for aspiring young musicians in the area, providing insights into the challenges and triumphs of their journey. This episode is not just a celebration of Los Red Pears' success but also a guiding light for the next generation of artists, demonstrating that with passion and perseverance, local talent can achieve extraordinary heights.

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