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La Santa Cecilia Performs at Amoeba!

On March 3, 2016 La Santa Cecilia celebrated their new album titled "Buenaventura" at Amoeba. The Latin Pop group did an in-door performance on stage singing their latest music off their album. As many fans gathered around the aisles filled with records & CDs to see the group perform, the last minute lingerers were in line purchasing the album before stepping inside of the taped monitored entrance - to work their way closer to stage.

As everyone gathered around, the band stepped out an brought a great show, only La Santa Cecilia knows best in bringing! With the mixture of Pan-American rhythms, Cumbia, Bolero, tango, boss nova, R&B, & Jass - La Santa Cecilia is no wonder to stand out and become recognizable at 5 seconds into their music playing.

La Santa Cecilia being formed in 2007 has captured lots of audiences across the nation. With their notorious song "La Negra" La Santa Cecilia became recognizable and brought a style no one had ever heard of before. With that ignited their triumph band career and now celebrate their 5th album! Be sure to catch up on this celebration at Amoeba by watching and sharing the following videos! Brought to you by ParaTodos Magazine & Rodas Studios.

Catch their performance at Amoeba here!

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