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It’s a really good time to be a Latino. For the past 20 years, Coachella has consisted of artists across the spectrum of musical genres that predominantly consisted of Caucasian artists with zero Latino mix nor Reggeaton/Norteño music presence. However, things have shifted recently in mainstream music and we are now witnessing a revolution in the industry. Where major headline time slots within the world’s most well known music festival occupy the artists’ titles of J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Sabrina Claudio, Mon Laferte,Rosalia and Tucanes de Tijuana to mention a few.

Stepping foot onto the Main Stage of Coachella meanwhile Tucanes played their classic HIT song “Chona” was a beautiful sight to witness. Multiple ethnicities gathered around one stage dancing to a song only Latinos may immediately recognize from the many family gatherings they attended while growing up. It was like a huge Quincenera for us Latinos, but for others, foreign to the song, danced to the rhythm without any care for the correct dance moves; the objective was fun at any cost. It was the effort that mattered and it was fantastic!

This weekend carried on to be a memorable one as DJ Snake ended his chella set with “Taki Taki” and surprising everyone with Ozuna, Cardi B & Selena Gomez as his guests! It gave me the chills to know how many Latinos were igniting this flame of pure excitement and joy in all festival goers.

This feeling carried on when J Balvin took us back to the early 2,000’s when Oye Mi Cantohit the sound waves of the main stage at Chella which resulted in a huge uproar of REAL fans! REAL Fans of Reggeaton that saw the early beginnings of the genre! J Balvin paying tribute to this along with playing Gasolina was the cherry on the top to most of us Latinos. Migente – we have worked so hard to be here and it feels good to finally BE recognized. The music industry will never be the same. //

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