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Oogie Boogie Craze!

Disneyland’s most recent obsession!? Popcorn buckets! However, these aren’t just your ordinary cylinder popcorn containers - they’re Oogie Boogie! A former cast member vendor from Disneyland California Adventure told us Disney goers, “wait in line for almost 45 minutes to an hour and a half” to get their hands on these! Even though Disney permits two Oogie Boogie buckets per customer, some D-goers cannot get enough of this stylish popcorn bucket villain.

Oogie Boogie buckets are sold in two locations in the park, the first one to spot is in front of Carthay Circle Restuarant next to this guy, Mr. Sleepy Hallows!

The second popcorn stand selling these buckets is on Paradise Peir, in front of Toy Story Mania ride. Each bucket will cost you $15.00 which will include a basket of popcorn on the side along with your (empty) Oogie Boogie! Former Cast members found it easier and faster to serve the popcorn on a separate container than to spend time stuffing the merch inside Oogie. In the end, MOST goers just do it for the bucket, and likes online anyways! Worth the wait, don’t you think?

Another cool D-obsession is the Poison Apple Mug, costing $12.99 with beverage of choice. This cool cup can be found on Paradise Pier Ice Cream Company.

Which one will you be getting? Oogie Boogie or Poison Apple Cup? Whichever choice you make, we can guarantee both will satisfy your social media like needs!

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