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GLAUDI in Paris! Her Secret to Success!

GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez

From Compton to Paris, fashion designer, Johana Hernandez continues to inspire us all and embrace the American dream, & better yet aim ABROAD! Paulina Rubio, Broke Hogan, & Gloria Trevi are only a few of the many women Ms. Hernandez has dolled up in GLAUDI. Clearly, her designs are crossing borders and what better way to continue this journey than in PARIS!

Stepping on French soil for a second time brought back a sweet reminder for Ms. Hernandez, "last time I came was to shop for one day." At that time, "I was the head designer for Seven Jeans; coming to Paris now, because of my own company was great! I felt so accomplished and it didn’t feel real at first." It's incredible to see Latina's shine bright; Johana, without a doubt, breaks the status quo that young adults CAN make it big regardless of your origin. Create and live your own future, not the life others want for you.

Her journey to success was no easy task. In this video, we understand a little more about Ms. Hernandez and her faith in God. She fully devotes her success beyond the idea of confidence but instead under three main principles: GOD-fidence, trust, & being fearless. Johana's formula for success has been the driving force not only in her business but also in her persona.

Ms. Hernandez' journey to Paris was to shoot her new campaign with Vogue photographer Omi Chowdhury. Johana shares that working alongside Omi was "a dream, he has so much experience, hearing his stories on how he works with Chanel Karl Lagerfield & his friends, sharing Karls personality was like wow!" Anyone that wants to dream can live it if you have a passion and determination that never waivers, "Im working with the same team Chanel works with! Omi is a team player professional, kind & it was great to meet people like him in the fashion world as they are rare to find," Johana explains.

Ms. Hernandez also had the opportunity to explain the differences between Fashion Week in Los Angeles and in Paris. Los Angeles is all about the "party & the celebrities." However in "Paris, it's all about the Haute Couture Designer Collections and the show." The parties are "secondary; guests are personally invited with invitations sent by mail." With that being said, most shows, "are during the day in the most exclusive venues and museums, and guests come from all over the world not just Paris."

Dreams all begin the same way. When people have faith in the idea of what "can be" is what brings your dream a reality. Never give up and what "can be" possible as others have proven that dreams do come true if you have faith and never give up. Clearly Johana is following her dreams and passions. We cannot wait for what is yet to come! Expect Johana's Paris Campaigns revealed later this month. As well as Rodas Studios -GLAUDI TV series premiering on GLAUDI'S youtube channel!

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